Tākitimu Relaunch

Takitimu Waka on the Water in Tauranga Moana

The Tākitimu Relaunch that took place on the 17th of March 2023 at Sulphur Point was a magnificent day and auspicious event for iwi of Ngāti Ranginui and the people of Tauranga Moana which saw the masses in attendance. The day started at 5 o’clock onwards in the morning with our teams here at Ngāti Ranginui Rūnanga setting up the event area and structures. 

Meanwhile, a group of 60 kaihoe(paddlers) were paddling the waka from Waipa (Te Puna) bravely making their way to Sulphur Point overcoming rain, winds and the tides of the ocean. Paddling approximately 10 km all up that day. 

The event kicked off with a ceremony, blessing the new captains of Tākitimu and a mauri stone aboard the waka, from this point the local schools and people performed a haka pōwhiri to the waka and its kaihoe.

Around 600 people were involved in this process which in response the kaihoe of Tākitimu performed a series of haka back. Following this the kaihoe boarded the waka and put on a display for everyone, performing several chants and formations whilst paddling the waka then departing for their return journey to Te Puna.

  • Event attendees – 1150+ people in attendance from kōhanga, primary, intermediate and college-aged students to the elderly and all ages in between.
  • Event live streamed online (Facebook) – Over 10,000 people reached.
  • 60 tāne involved as kaihoe (paddlers) with ages ranging from 13 to 50 years old, paddling the waka 10km. Also involved in a kaihoe workshop/training the night before focusing on tikanga, paddling technique, chants, waiata, haka and formations.

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